Yesterday, today, and tomorrows

August 23, 2007

So, yesterday, my hub sent me an email,       “Go to MSN.com…there are some good “go back to work tips” and a pick a career and we tell you   how to get there links today…”

Yea, sure.   Just ‘pick a career’ and get right to it!   But I did wander over to MSN to see what he was seeing.   Found a few assessments (which tells me and affirms my idea to be a career counselor); I LOVE to do assessments!   I found out that I am interested in GREEN jobs but have a YELLOW style.   Green is the arty, people-loving, exciting stuff but yellow (already judging, can you tell?!)  YELLOW means that I need a comfortable place to work, little to none conflict, harmonious, etc.  At least that’s what I got out of it.     I don’t want to be a high-powered agent (first recommended GREEN job to consider) – I am trying that right now in real estate and it’s not for me.     Despite the low cashflow of the mkt right now, I don’t enjoy the unhappy negotiation phase which is truly what makes a good agent, imho.    Real estate agents don’t sell houses – they keep a deal together.     Anyway, I digress.   SO…  I find another assessment that tells me I’m a 91% match for Technical Writing!   COOL.    I really wonder if I lead myself to that result or if I truly am a good match.   But does it matter and is that just another example of my self-critical inner voice yapping without permission?      What I DO find amusing is that Tech Writing is a subset of Industrial Engineering.  (my BS – awhile ago and never worked at…)     NEXT STEP – go to monster and search my geographical comfort zone for driving and I find one!    shocker.    Truly.   I was not prepared to find one so simply and fast.   I quickly opened a latest resume and rashly edited to say something in the objective referring to the Tech Writing.   and saved it.    Told hub when he got home.    Could be a good first step.  Why not!  Go for it!   

The naysayer then pops up – but I don’t want to GO to a job 40+ (eek, would it be realistic to expect 50-60 PLUS hours away from my house?!?!?!), I hate to lose my flexibility.    What about my puppy!   I hate to leave the spoiled dog alone at home for so many hours and the job would be too far to run home to.    I would not be upset with the commute – its hwy all the way ~ 25 min, considering I hate to drive.    Actually I just enjoy being home.    The very best thing about RE is the flexibility.   The worst is that I’m spending more to be a realtor than I’m getting back this year.  AHA!   I will SAVE MONEY by doing absolutely nothing!   I’ll come out ahead!   scary, huh.   I probably won’t get the interview anyway,  blah blah blah.

 But today’s plan is to craft the cover letter.   Prove my way with words.    Impress with my keen insight and clear phrasing.    PUT IN the mail.   no, fax it…   Believe it?  no avenue for sending application online.    Kinda think that’s a tad strange for a technical company.    Maybe I wouldn’t even want to work there!  What about the culture?   oppressive and full of bitter corporate zombies.   sigh.    Not a place for a tender soul like mine.

 Lunch with Charlie – I’m going to suggest he come here.  Why?  cuz I hate to leave the dog.   Pathetic.


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