Wow: 339,184 new posts today…

August 22, 2007

and that’s probably just WordPress… and I’m sure it has already upped some more before I post this!  I spent the last few (ok, 50+ minutes!)  just bouncing around others posts to see what’s up and love to read the comments.   Then, I jump to some of the blogs of the commentors (commentators?) and I shyly, hesitantly, attempt a comment, too.   I often don’t.   Nothing new to add?  Not witty enough?   or I sometimes sense that I’m crashing a party.   I really do respect those bloggers that respond back to the comments and really get the dialog going.   or comments that react, add to, disagree with, etc a previous comment.     So…   My hope goes to diana who is so angry may she find the awareness to lessen it?   and wow to Lisa who cut her hair – easy to control and get a reaction and yet, never permanent.   Hair grows back usually;  best of skill and speed of recovery for her upcoming surgery.     I feel some kindred spirits out there…    Have a great day of exploration and love.



  1. That’s probably my biggest reason for not commenting. I feel silly saying “Wow, this rocks,” over and over because I can’t think of anything cool.

    I’m glad to have found your blog, though. Looks like you’re learning just as I am about this blogging stuff.

  2. Hey Thanks, Fool! Yes, just learning… and trying not to question my motives… Hey – lighten up, right? Thx for checking in…

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