tell me a story…

August 22, 2007

The Naked Soul inspires me to write a story…   Actually, just writing that reminds me of a comedian who started his schtick with “give me a stoli…”   Don’t remember who he was but he followed one of those REALLY bad comedians who make you wince with each word.  I felt so sorry!  but then the next guy was able to start off so good and had us all rolling with laughter.    Like it really takes a BAD movie to give you appreciation for a really fine film…     Comedy is a true art.

Now I can’t think of a story to write.  



  1. I wonder if you could find a tech writing job that lets you work from home. That might be an option.

  2. Yes, that may be a possibility with this one. It doesn’t say. Good to see ya! How ya feeling? (you don’t have to reply here, ofcourse!!)

  3. […] Author asks:   Who is Mark and did you have a crush on him?   Mark is a guy who is very wise and knowledgeable in his practice of LOA (The Law of Attraction.)    Nope, no crush.    (You can find the reference here.) […]

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