All in One Week’s Time

August 21, 2007

Actually, it’s closer to 10 days but I took a few days off.   I am so enjoying this Where-Will-I-Go-Today? skip-tripping through the internet, thru the blogs!    I continually jump to another’s blog, am impressed with the style, the courage, and the words of the blogger and either, sometimes both, add to my blogroll and jump to a blog from that blogroll.   Who knows where I end up?   and what am I learning?  terms, mostly…  avatar, meme, tag – for Pete’s sake!   I’m probably absorbing a whole new vernacular.  

Real Estate Update:  notta.   IS that how you spell that?  nuttin’, nothing.   Of course, my ‘client’ is in a different time zone but still.     Nothing from the other side of the transaction, either.   So I continue to shell out my own cash to do this property mgmt gig and pray for quick reimbursement.   Today was kill-the-carpenter-ants day with my good friend and pest control company prez Don.  He’s a good guy.   Funny small world story – his wife witnessed my crash yesterday.  too, too funny.     OR…  interesting thought when you wonder about ‘we are all connected…  there are no accidents…’  whatever.  It’s mine to enjoy and learn from, I guess.

I am enjoying this blogging…   My journalling hasn’t really decreased noticeably either;  I thought it might.  But the different sensations of typing vs. pen&ink writing might be the reason.   I enjoy both.   THIS medium definitely has more distractions!     


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