Tags vs. Categories

August 20, 2007

I’m re-thinking that I should print off the wordpress tags and change my categories so that maybe I get picked up for a today’s what’s happening on the home page!  But, first, gotta go get the day started:  it’s D-day:  ‘deal day’ and tomorrow could be either employed… or differently employed… or NOT? employed?  and I’m just trying to trust the flow of the universe, not stress about how it all unfolds, carry on and ALLOW.   surrender/trust/RELAX.   BE curious!   no judging…   let it play out and see how my inner intuitive heart-based self will react.     ha!   

 Also, I’m planning a letter series to my good niece, Ashley.    One letter of the alphabet to inspire a letter each week throughout the school year.    Today is A.   a few other letters to mail out, too.  I love mail!


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