So much for ‘goin with the flow’…

August 20, 2007

Well, earlier today I posted that I was going to ALLOW, relax, go with the flow of the universe.   And what happened!?   I thought the car in front of me started his ‘flowing motion left’ and out of my way and free-ing open my wish to go right…  and I rammed my car right into him!   His car:  broken tail light,  a dent and paint scrape.   Mine?  I will need a whole new piece to that bumber, it pushed in the metal that holds that crazy expensive piece of plastic and bent good the driver side front panel!    My headlight is only very minor scratch so, whoo – still intact.  No injuries, no airbag deployment, and hurray – my door wasn’t bumped or smooshed or anything.   But I see $$$$ being needed and I am bummed.   Just told the hubby, too and now he is bummed and won’t be able to see the damage for another hour.     I THOUGHT THE GUY MOVED!  ADVANCED! GOT OUT OF MY WAY!!!!    nope.   so what did I think about to attract such a (admit it, minor…) crisis?      ugh.


One comment

  1. sorry about the car. was Oscar with you at the time?

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