May Passion be what you seek,

August 19, 2007

May passion & purpose be what you seek, may joy be what you find.   I could put all sorts of cool words in either spot.  Today, these are what resonates.

My hub just went fishing.   He didn’t take me nor the dog.   He took ‘Gilligan’.   Last week, Oscar and I got to go but O decided to attempt the walk across the lilypads again.  Kersplash!   Poor thing, he really thinks he’ll accomplish this – not that he minds any excuse to get wet in a lake.  He is just so darn cute.   Hub is awesome.   He lets me bring my book and journal, my beach umbrella and beach chair.   I bet the other fisher-guys make fun of us but I am quite amused.   and hub could care less, of course.    D. exercises  his passion chasing the bass and finds his joy.    Gilligan might try the patience today – always good stories after!   I’m off to go buy the Sunday Paper…   drink a lot of coffee…  maybe soak in the tub…   Find some pieces of joy despite the weak effort on the purpose-hunt today.    OR!  it just may be revealed to me in the paper somewhere!    


One comment

  1. I can totally picture Oscar trying to step on the lilypads. They do look stable from land.


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